Retreats for Women


Let us know you would like a retreat for an individual woman, and we will do our best to set up something just for you.
You can make art, listen to music, have a special herb bath drawn, be led in art-making, meditation, stretching & relaxing, mindful breathing, and more.

The retreats we offer take place on-site at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center at 1957 S. Spaulding ave. We have a women's residence on the second floor for women only. We have a small art gallery on the first floor next to our office. On the lower level we have an art studio for projects. We have a very large garden intended for relaxing and projects. There are two wonderful young dogs on-site. Across the street is a peace park we created with plenty of space for relaxing in nature.

We do everything by appointment. Our space is usually pretty quiet. We plan each individual retreat with the person in mind.

A retreat could be for one person or a small group of people.

The cost depends on if you stay overnight, if you require a bedroom for napping, or if you just wish to attend some peaceful activities. Overnight if only for one woman at a time.

We do one-on-one activities for people who wish to focus on their well being. We serve healthy tea, healthy snack, provide a therapeutic & relaxing art exercise, meditation, stretching, spend some time in the outside garden as appropriate, etc. Sometimes we include doggie time.

Dianna leads the one-on-one retreats. She sets up the retreats with the person in mind. It depends on what is set up, as to how much it costs. The person the retreat is for, has some input in what they will do.

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