Have Studio Will Travel

This CUARC program helps to cover our overhead by subcontracting with other organizations to provide programming for them. Many organizations don’t have an art program or stress reduction program. We can do that! We can offer art classes, art workshops, art therapy for individuals and groups, and problem solving sessions.

We may offer a weekly art program for battered women at a shelter or provide a stress reduction program for the staff of a daycare center. We may provide an art program and relaxation time for a seniors building. We may offer a team building and problem solving program for employees at a local business.
By showing how to use art materials, we can help people increase confidence & self-esteem, reduce their stress level, improve math & science abilities, find a hobby or passion, and provide a place for people to interact in a safe studio.

CUARC welcomes all organizations to contact us for more information. We will talk with you and negotiate just the right program. Once we have decided upon details, we set up a day & time to provide the program. Sometimes we set up a 1, 2, or 3 part art workshop. Sometimes, we set up a series of art classes. And sometimes, we may set up a weekly program for the entire year.

The rate varies depending on several factors.

We are currently looking for businesses who would like to offer a benefit to their employees of a “retreat” where they get to make art and to relax with each other, or work out staff problems, or bring their families for a special treat of art making together.

We Have Experience With:

Seniors, domestic violence survivors, youth at risk, mothers & their babies, staff members at various organizations such as day care and foster care, Men, Women, Teens, Mentally ill adults, children & adults with physical disabilities, Inner city residents, Suburban residents, Chicago Housing Authority residents, youth who have been involved in gangs,restorative justice participants, and etc…

Our workshops & classes can help people to increase self-esteem and confidence, decrease stress, and aid in establishing a pattern of accomplishments.

This can enable people to be successful in other areas of their life.

An organization can contact us for a free estimate of what it would cost to bring one workshop, or ongoing art sessions to their site. Please call 773-542-9126 and leave your contact info.(speak clearly)  or email contact@urbanartretreat.com for more info.