Peace Art Studio

Express Your Life in a Positive Way at the Peace Art Studio
The Peace Art Studio was born out of a need for a place where people can go and just make art. Yes, all the materials are provided. Just sit down and leave your stories here. Hundreds of amazing art works made by people are peeking out here and there in the Peace Art Studio which is located on the lower level of Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center. Art explodes from the wall, the floor, boxes, bottles, papers, clothes, chairs, tables! Everything can be painted on here. Just challenge your imagination. You can let your artistic skills free in this studio. Express yourself by using all different kinds of materials, colours and ideas. Every art work has its own story to tell. What’s yours?

Peace Art Studio is a place where non-artists, artists, children and adults can sit side by side, converse, be silent or be involved with special workshops geared for certain subjects like recycled art or magazine cut-outs. The Peace Art Studio is a friendly and supervised site that welcomes positive diverse community art projects, classes for non-artists, learning and illustrating the social issues of our time, plus a way to relax into art-making to reduce stress and decrease stigma. Residents at the Retreat have total access to this place; while others will come during events, special activities, discussions and volunteer opportunities. Please email contact us for info.