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The retreats we offer take place on-site at Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center at 1957 S. Spaulding ave. We have a women's residence on the second floor for women only. We have a small art gallery on the first floor next to our office. On the lower level we have an art studio for projects. We have a very large garden intended for relaxing and projects. There are two wonderful young dogs on-site. Across the street is a peace park we created with plenty of space for relaxing in nature.

We do everything by appointment. Our space is usually pretty quiet. We plan each individual retreat with the person in mind.

A retreat could be for one person or a small group of people.

The cost depends on if you stay overnight, if you require a bedroom for napping, or if you just wish to attend some peaceful activities. Overnight if only for one woman at a time.

We do one-on-one activities for people who wish to focus on their well being. We serve healthy tea, healthy snack, provide a therapeutic & relaxing art exercise, meditation, stretching, spend some time in the outside garden as appropriate, etc. Sometimes we include doggie time.

Dianna leads the one-on-one retreats. Dianna sets up the retreats with the person in mind. It depends on what is set up, as to how much it costs. The person the retreat is for, has some input in what they will do.



 bldg 19th st. corner store_0004.JPG .JPG

              Picture of dilapidated building not far from here.

We met in the gallery at CUARC

to offer our dreams & visions

for the future of North Lawndale. 

Here is some of what we came up with during the creative imagining session:

 In a word what is your vision for North Lawndale?

Vibrant, family, safety, litter free, artistic.

Words to attract businesses to North Lawndale:

sorely needed, people deserve a change, upcoming stable neighborhood, convenient, gentrification, underserved community.

 Who lives in North Lawndale?

Deep rooted generational folks, hardworking, desire for change, looking for better options, people who need your projects & services. Low income people, low income seniors, devoted Christians and others .

What do I want North Lawndale to look like?

Clean, beautiful, green, full....proud property oriented...

safe environment...rehabbed brick and stone single family homes...

3 commercial districts.

When you walk through the neighborhood what feelings would you like to have?

Friendly & open, comfortable, awe, accountability, sunny, happy, peaceful, proud.

What do you want your neighbors to look like?

Happy relaxed folks who are part of the solution not part of the problem

loving & respectful of differences, caring, I don't care how they look just so long as they are neighborly, the whole world, diverse in age/race/religion, willing to become involved in the community.

POEMS WE WROTE THAT DAY about North Lawndale

You and me

how happy we will be

when the hood is clean and everyone is friendly!


North Lawndale's empty spaces

to accommodate new development

that is coming it's way

good for North Lawndale.


The future of North Lawndale's

is as bright as it can be

we only have to wait

and we will all soon see.


The true future is insignificant

it is today's dreams that

shape tomorrow's activities.


Lawndale is a place to see

history, strength, longevity

moving upward convenient to all

New businesses, give us a call.


Friendly, greeting people

adorable, charming families

peace, safe in neighborhood

happy, fun in North Lawndale.


What does North Lawndale need to move forward?

Jobs, self motivated people, good promotion, community volunteers, recycling, clean up, common platform, trust, commitment, become known around Chicago, block clubs, more businesses.

                                                       NEXT -

We plan to take part in the organization- North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council that is now organizing for change in the neighborhood!


plant with village 3.jpg 


Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Each year the non-profit organization, Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center plans
a gift Give-Away on Dec. 24 for needy families in North Lawndale. Families sign
up ahead of time and tell us their kids' names, gender, ages, We start collecting
gifts months ahead of time. Many  individuals and businesses give to the cause.
Volunteers store things in our Santa's hide-out until the week before. We bring
them in, transform the art gallery & front hallway into Santa's wonderland of gifts. 
On December 24, families come to their appointment times
    We elves are happy to make others happy!
Located in North Lawndale, our art gallery features artists who are under-represented in the art world. The gallery also presents theme shows focused on social justice issues. A steppingstone gallery for new artists and artists trying to break into the Chicago art scene, it's artists are local, from other states, and even from other parts of the world.
Artists seeking answers, experience, a place to begin their exhibition careers, and a way to begin their careers in the USA; artists are glad to find a welcoming gallery who understands the struggle of modern day artists.
The Chicago Black Artists Show is all about today's African American Artists- who they are, what their interests are, where they are coming from. These are artists who are expressing themselves and are showing as part of a group show of black artists- powerful and strong. This is a fall art show.
The Womens' Art Show features women homage art and what concerns them. It is on display during February & March.
The Spring National/International Art Show features art by artists from anywhere but Illinois! Artists from other states and other countries are included in a large group show in the gallery. We have a chance to see what artists from far away are concerned about.
During December and January we offer Art As Gift Art Show in the gallery for people shopping for presents!
We also offer information on how to find support as an artist, where to exhibit, art organizations, how to hang your art and present it, online presence, and more.
Contact us for more information. Plus, see our gallery page on this website to find out how to apply to be in group shows here!

Peace Parks of North Lawndale:  Transforming vacant lots in the hood into beautiful peaceful parks with art!
We are hoping everyone will go check it out and see what is happening. General orientation Saturdays at noon at CUARC, 1957 S. Spaulding Ave at 21st. by RSVP
Our organization is involved in the most unique and rewarding programming around. We are attempting to help our community become revitalized from the ground up w/o giving the boot to anyone!  
We are adding beauty, public art, green places, and African American heritage displays to our community in an attempt to do a lot. We want people to pay more attention to the need for beauty, the need for peace, the need for art in public places, and the need for green places. We want to engage the neighborhood, Chicago in general, and other people far away to enjoy the peace parks and the project leading up to making them a reality! We want to educate people about African American heroes. We want to help people see how recycling can be used in many ways, including building art. We want to turn people upside down while they enjoy seeing things in a new way and support people, peace, and art!  Check it out! A way for everyday people of all ages to be involved in creating parks, creating art to go into parks.
Our first Peace Park opened June 5, 2016 and is located at 2101 S. Spaulding Ave. just 2 blocks west the Kedzie stop on the pink line.
The Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center (CUARC) has a mission to bring people together in a creative environment that offers socially impacting art, positive programs, creative workshops, and, a retreat for women!



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